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Advocacy in Action

NCBW Public Policy Focus = Advocacy in Action


  • Government

  • Corporate

  • Non-Profit

  • Faith-based International


  • Supporting Advocacy Agendas

  • Voter Education, Registration, & Rights

  • Increase Women Candidates Running for Political Office

  • Issue TImely Policy Alerts

  • Issue Position Papers on Public Policy Platform Issues

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Legislative Day 

NCBW’s “Legislation Supporting Advocacy” Agenda:

  • Voter Education/Rights

  • Civic Engagement

  • Increase Women Candidates Running For Political Office

  • Issue Timely Policy Alerts

  • Issue Position Papers on Public Policy Platform Issues


GHAC collabs with the
League of Women Voters' 

Public Policy Committee collaborating with the League of Women at MidCity to assist citizens in signing up to vote and to check their registration location.


Advocacy empowers people and educates them. Advocacy is not only our responsibility; as citizens, it is our right.

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Feminine Hygiene Drive

Office Manager

The NCBW-GHAC and Public Policy Committee collected 8,000 individual feminine products for 4 school districts and the remainder went to homeless shelters for women and teenage girls, in our first year hosting this drive. We also drafted a bill soliciting our representatives, Neal Rafferty, Rolanda Hollis, and Laura Hall to impose a Pink Tax on feminine hygiene products due to the number of women who cannot afford feminine hygiene products which are a basic necessity.

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